Vice Chancellor's Message

It is with a sense of great pride and joy that we welcome you to Adesh University Bathinda. The foundations of this institution have been raised on the vision to make it a world class centre of excellence in higher education, be it in healthcare or in other realms and also to provide a nidus for patient care comparable to the finest anywhere in the world. The focus therefore is on the student who has chosen Adesh University, to develop as wholesome professional globally competitive and locally responsive; and for that we have set lofty institutional objectives as you shall perceive once you enter the portals of this University.

The last few years have seen us working with a great sense of determination and commitment to make this campus develop as a mini town with all the facilities inside. We are well aware that this is going to be your home away from your own home for the next several years and it is vital that the campus provides an amicable and congenial environment, healthy for your growth and comfort.

Although you are here primarily in pursuit of good education and qualification, yet, we believe that, you should have adequate opportunities for extracurricular activities, particularly cultural and sports. We encourage all such activities that will help you to develop an all round personality and become an excellent professional. At this juncture, it is important that you become aware of our expectations of you as well. As much as you have a right to stay and enjoy the privileges in the campus, other fellow students who are here have this right as well. Hence, this institution cannot tolerate indiscipline in any form including any acts of teasing, ragging or harm to fellow students, physical or emotional.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Chanceller Adesh University Bathinda

Col. Jagdev Singh (Retd.)

MBA, SOPGE, B.E. (Elect.)

Vice Chancellor

Students who have difficulties with their subject(s) are encouraged to directly seek counseling from the Head of the department concerned. They are further encouraged to contact the administration to obtain necessary help for improvement. As per institutional policy, it is mandatory for every student to ensure 75% attendance in theory and 80% attendance in the non theoretical aspects of every subject besides meeting the required standards set up for the internal assessment examinations.

Having said all this, we want you to always remember that we as well as every member of the faculty, staff and management, measure our success by yours and that our doors are always open for you if you ever need our help. Wishing you the very best in your life.